DB2 for I: Encoded Vector Index

Encoded Vector Index or EVI It’s an IBM’s version of Bitmap index. EVI is relatively new compared to Radix Index. Logical files do not support EVI. Use “CREATE ENCODED VECTOR INDEX ….” Statement to create EVI index on table It’s very efficient for: Small set or say defined set of distinct keys like States in USA Read-only table Quick [...]


DB2 for I: Binary-Radix Index

Binary-Radix Index This is default index for CRTLF command and CREATE INDEX statement. It uses the Radix tree data structure. The radix tree data structure is a compressed version of the digital tree also called Trie (try) data structure. There are the main terms in action here 1. Binary tree data structure 2. Trie data structure 3. [...]


DB2 for I: Index internals.

All the RDBM systems are designed to give the best performance for the read and search operations, even if the system has to make some compromise with other operations like Insert or update. The index is a major part of this strategy. Basically, the index is a way to arrange the table’s data in such a way that search and fetch operations [...]


QSql: GUI for DB2 for IBM i.