SQL RegEx : Quantifiers

Most of RegEx entities, we discussed so far, try to match only one occurrence of RegEx in Source Text. The day has 200-105 question past delightfully. 200-105 question Delight itself, however, CISSP pdf is a weak term 300-208 questions CISSP pdf to express 300-208 questions the feelings of a naturalist who, for the first time, has been [...]


SQL RegEx : Capturing groups 102

Capturing Groups and Back-references Within RegEx, capturing groups can be used in the same way we use variables in programming languages. 1st define a variable, assign a value to that variable, and then value of the same variable can be used again. When RegEx is processed , if it finds a match for a “GROUP”, it saves the [...]


SQL RegEx : Capturing groups 101

“Capturing groups” are parts of RegEx which are used to group one or more characters inside a RegEx. Let me try to explain with a simple example. The 300-115 questions day 300-115 questions 210-065 study guides has past delightfully. Delight itself, 210-065 study guides 300-115 questions however, is a 210-065 study guides [...]


SQL RegEx : Character Classes

Character Classes or Character Sets are used to define a list of characters to be used inside a RegEx. Represented using square brackets […] Characters inside the square brackets are “case sensitive”. The geology 210-060 questions of the surrounding country possesses little interest. Throughout the coast of Brazil, and [...]


SQL RegEx : Meta Characters

RegEx Meta characters are similar to Keywords in programming languages. They have special meaning in RegEx. Here is a list of meta characters- 210-060 questions After wandering about for 210-060 questions some hours, I returned to the landing-place; but, before reaching it. I was overtaken by a tropical storm. 1 tried to find shelter [...]


SQL RegEx : Basic

Regular expression (aka RegEx) is a way to define the pattern of any text. This pattern can represent  the complete text or a part of the text. RegEx is a very powerful and handy to use option for to work with strings specially for search and replace functions. After wandering about 100-105 itexamlab.com for some 400-101 pdf hours, I [...]


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