DB2 SQL 101 Basic

Structured Query Language aka SQL is industry standard to talk to Relation database management systems (RDBMS). RDBMS and SQL are like alias to each other. To perform any action on RDBMS you need SQL.

All the basic concepts of SQL are same for every RDBMS like SQLServer, DB2,MYSQL, Oracel etc etc. But every database provides some special SQL, specifically for that database. Here will talk only for DB2/400.

Let’s Get to Point.

SQL statements are categorized as follows:

  1. Data Control Language (DCL) statements : To handle data security. For example, GRANT and REVOKE statements.
  2. Data Definition Language (DDL) statements : To work with SQL objects like Database, Table, Index etc. CREATE , DROP and ALTER these kind of statements come under this category.
  3. Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements: To access and modify data. SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE comes under this category.

So here is the image :

SQL 101_1


We will discuss mostly about Data Definition Language (DDL) statements and Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements. As a IBM i developer you are going to use DDL and DML in most cases.

DCL is about SQL object authority. So don’t worry about its use, WRKOBJAUT or DBA will take care of it.

In next post we will talk about Data Definition Language (DDL) statements.

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