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How to find subfile type by looking into DSPF DDS?

Q&ACategory: SubFileHow to find subfile type by looking into DSPF DDS?
Sumit goyal Staff asked 3 years ago

How we can find what type(Single page/Self expending/Load all) of subfile is this just by looking to DSPF DDS?

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Sumit goyal Staff answered 3 years ago

I ask this question a lot in my interviews. Most common answer I get is looking into SFLPAG and SFLSIZ values.
  SFLSIZ = SFLPAG       ==> Single Page
  SFLSIZ  = SFLSIZ + 1   ==> Self Expending
  SFLSIZ  > SFLSIZ + 1   ==> Load All.
In case of Single Page subfile this is kind of true as a single page subfile can not contain more than one page of data at a time but this is not actually true in case of “SUBFILE”. 
Type of subfile is defined by how system handle “PAGE UP(ROLLDOWN)” and “PAGE DOWN(ROLLUP)” keys. 
For Load All subfile system handle both page up and page down so no ROLLUP or ROLLDOWN keyword in DDS.
For Self Expending subfile system handle page up but page down need to be taken care by programmer so DDS will contain ROLLUP keyword.
For Single page subfile both page up and page down need to be handle by programmer so DDS will contain both ROLLDOWN and ROLLUP keyword. 

Harish J answered 2 years ago

Even in Load all Subfile we can use Roll up keyword – To handle the last page message for example (to display a maximum record reached after user press that many pages. once he hit the last 9999 record page it will still display *more, once he hit page down after he reaches 9999 records, control comes inside the program we can pass a message and turn on the sfl end indicator.

Even its load all we have handled Roll up. so we cant tell if Rollup keyword is used its Self Extending.
Those differences are just Basics. If the employee does answer what we expect we should not think they doesn’t know, May be we show throw the right Question 🙂

I like your Subfile program which you created very much 🙂 and its very much useful. inorder to test some scenarios i dont want to create a subfile program from scratch instead i can do some modification in source and can test it. Really a needful handy tool.
Thanks For the Savf. Mostly people wont share the knowledge they are but you are not among them. The SQL/400 articles are also very informational.

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