SQL RegEx : Character Classes

  1. Character Classes or Character Sets are used to define a list of characters to be used inside a RegEx.
  2. Represented using square brackets […]
  3. Characters inside the square brackets are “case sensitive”.
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Character class Matches (one character) More details
[abc] a or b or c
[AbXd] A or b or X or d
[a-f] lower a to lower f => a or b or c or d or f Hyphen “-” defines the range
[a-zA-Z0-9] lower a to lower z OR

upper A to upper Z OR

digit 0 to digit 9

Multiple Hyphens are used for multiple range lists
 [^abc]  NOT a and NOT b and  not C  ^ is used for “NOT” equals to
 [a-d[m-p]]  lower a to lower d OR

lower m to lower p

 [a-g&&[efghij]]  e or f or g  Intersection
 [1-3&&[3-6]]  3  Intersection
 [a-z&&[^bc]]  a or ( d to z) ==>

a-z but not ( b  or c)






Source Text RegEx Match found ? Details
telegram [ab] YES This RegEx tries to match if source text contains either character “a”, or “b”.
call007 now [0-9] YES This RegEx tries to match if source text contains any digit from 0 to 9.
this is not ok [0-9] NO Source text does not contains any digits.
ppppppp [a-d[mp]] YES This is union so match is found for “p”.


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