SQL RegEx : Meta Characters

RegEx Meta characters are similar to Keywords in programming languages. They have special meaning in RegEx. Here is a list of meta characters-

210-060 questions After wandering about for 210-060 questions some hours, I returned to the landing-place; but, before reaching it. I was overtaken by a tropical storm. 1 tried to find shelter under a 300-101 demo tree which was so thick that it would never have been 300-101 demo penetrated by 300-075 study guides common 300-101 demo English 300-075 study guides rain; but here, in 300-075 study guides a couple of minutes, a little torrent flowed down the trunk. 210-060 questions It 210-060 questions is to 210-060 questions this 300-075 study guides violence of 300-101 demo the rain we must attribute the verdure 300-101 demo at the 210-060 questions bottom of the thickest woods: if the 300-101 demo showers were like 210-060 questions those of a colder 210-060 questions climate, the greater part would be absorbed or evaporated before it reached the ground. I will not at present 300-075 study guides attempt to describe 300-101 demo 210-060 questions the gaudy scenery of this noble bay, because, in our homeward voyage, we called here a 300-101 demo second 300-101 demo time, and I shall 300-075 study guides then have occasion to remark on 300-101 demo it.

The geology 300-075 study guides of the surrounding country possesses little interest. Throughout the coast 300-075 study guides of Brazil, 300-075 study guides and certainly for a considerable space inland from the Rio Plata 300-075 study guides to 210-060 questions Cape 300-075 study guides 210-060 questions St. Roque, lat. 5S., a distance of more than 2000 geographical miles, wherever 300-101 demo solid 300-075 study guides rock occurs, it belongs 300-075 study guides to a granitic formation. The circumstance of 300-101 demo this 210-060 questions enormous area being 210-060 questions thus constituted of materials, 300-075 study guides which almost every geologist believes have been crystallized by 210-060 questions 210-060 questions the action of heat under pressure, 300-075 study guides 300-101 demo 300-101 demo gives rise to many curious reflections. Was this effect produced beneath the depths 300-075 study guides of a profound 210-060 questions 300-101 demo ocean? Or did a covering of strata formerly extend over 300-101 demo it, which has since been removed? Can we believe that any power, action for a time short of infinity, could have denuded the granite over so many thousand square leagues?


Meta Character Meaning Example
      . (dot) It is a placeholder which can be matched with any character RegEx :  Cat.

Matches: Any text start with “Cat” followed by any character like “CatX” “Cata” “Cat1″ Cat+” “CatC”

     [ Starts a Character Class
     ] Ends a Character Class
     – (hyphen) Range inside Character Class
     ^ 1. To define NOT in Character class

2. Boundary Meta character : To define begin of Line

     $ 1. Boundary Meta character : To define end of Line
     \ Escape character : If “\” follows any meta character, that meta character will be treated as simple character (not as Meta Char) To check is Source text contains a “$” or “?”.

RegEx : [\$\?]  : Escape both of these meta characters with “\”.

     * Quantifier : To match ZERO or MORE occurrences More details later
     + Quantifier : To match ONE or MORE occurrences More details later
     ? Quantifier : To match ZERO or ONE occurrence More details later
     ( Starts a Capturing groups More details later
     ) Ends a Capturing groups More details later
    { Quantifier More details later
     } Quantifier More details later
    | OR condition RegEx : (ABC|XYZ)

Matched : Text contains “ABC” or “XYZ”


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